We help businesses communicate effectively and stand out in the media … for all the RIGHT reasons!

Our highly effective in-house media and presentation training courses in London and beyond have polished up the communications skills of hundreds of people, right up to CEO and board level, from a range of organisations—large and small. You’ll get personal service from us; every course is tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements.

Course Director Tom Maddocks is a former BBC2 ‘Money Programme’ reporter and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading media training experts—as quoted in The Sunday Times, the FT, The Independent and many others. He is also the author of The M-factor: Media Confidence for Business Leaders and Managers.

Media Training Associates is based in London but we can run courses in Britain or overseas, in small groups or one-on-one. Our clients range from leading banks and insurance companies to law firms, manufacturing businesses and charities.


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Media Training Courses

Our print media, radio and television courses give you plenty of practical interview experience and show you how to get your message across; what will (and won’t) interest the journalist; how to deal with difficult issues; and the essential questions you should ask before agreeing to any TV or radio interview.

Media Training Courses

Crisis Media Training

As well as our standard media training we can provide crisis media training courses. These will help you turn the media into part of the solution, not the problem, should disaster strike. We work with you to create a relevant crisis scenario then base the training and interview practice around it.

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Presentation Training

We specialise in presentation skills training at beginner or advanced levels, to banish your nerves and make sure your message really gets across to the audience—be it a key client pitch or a large conference. We can hold specialist one-on-one coaching with senior executives—ask us for details.

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Media Tip of the Month

July: Flag It Up!

In an interview you want the reporter to pick up on what you believe is important, rather than getting side-tracked with something peripheral.  It’s therefore a good idea to clearly flag up what you see as the key point, so it is absolutely clear what you think should appear in the article if your views are to be fairly reflected. Of course, you can’t tell the reporter what to write, and if you do you will get short shrift. You have to make your key messages as compelling as possible, so the reporter can’t be in any doubt as to their relevance. Phrases that can come in handy here include “the key point here is”, “and this is absolutely at …CONTINUE READING

What is Media Training, and how can it help?

Are your company’s decision-makers unconvinced of the benefits? Request a copy of our report on ‘Making the Business Case for Media Training’.





    Tom has run several media training sessions for our senior spokespeople and I have always received excellent feedback from each. He has a high energy and professional delivery style which provides motivation and helps build the confidence of our spokespeople. What we really like is his ability to tailor each session to each individual’s specialist subject, making it so much more relevant and as close to a ‘live’ media interview as possible.

    ~ Emily Cullen, Group Head of Communications, Cardano

    The Platinum Package

    A three-month high-level personal coaching programme with Tom Maddocks for senior individuals to build their presence and improve their ability to communicate and persuade. It includes three half-day coaching sessions, covering: media training, presentation skills coaching, and expert help with body language, vocal skills and messaging. Plus three one-hour telephone coaching slots with Tom, and access to our ‘media hotline’ for emergency interview practice.

    Quick Media Tip

    Don’t be afraid to move the interview topic forward if a reporter seems to get bogged down on one issue.


    Without exception, everyone who has attended the training found it extremely useful and enjoyable. From our most self-assured media spokesperson to those who are new to media relations, everyone has come away from training with a greater understanding of the media and feeling of confidence.

    ~ Kara Eigl, Head of PR, EMEA at Nuveen

    Body Language, Impact and Voice Coaching

    Create impact and make the right impression in front of the people who matter. Using practical exercises that fully involve those taking part, we will work on posture, the authentic use of gesture, standing, and movement. Voice coaching will teach you how to project your sincerity, vision, passion and motivation. This is a half-day specialist course run in-house for a group of up to three people or as one-to-one coaching for senior executives.

    Quick Media Tip

    Journalists always want a good quote so think carefully about how to make your point in a punchy, pithy way.

    Talk Easily to Camera

    Avoid that ‘rabbit-in-the-headlights’ look. This specially-tailored half-day in-house course will help you look natural and professional in corporate online video and webinars. We provide a teleprompter facility as part of the package so you can get realistic practical experience and help to establish a style that works for you. The course is suitable for one-to-one coaching or a group of up to three.


    Tom delivers a refreshingly forthright and highly practical approach to engaging with the media whether in good times or when a crisis hits. Running media training for senior leaders in our sector, Media Training Associates has been a real hit.

    ~ Hilary McVitty, Head of External Affairs, Building Societies Association

    From the Blog

    Eight words and phrases to avoid in an interview …

    As the election campaign draws to a close, we’ve all suffered enough of the usual ‘political answers’ (or non-answers) to questions in the interviews and debates.  A recent Spectator article feels particularly relevant, highlighting words and phrases, some of them much used by business leaders as well as politicians, that usually mean the exact opposite… Read more »


    Tom has provided excellent media training and effective guidance to the various companies and senior executive teams that I have worked with over the course of the last 20 years. His ability to work with beginners and experts alike is fantastic and he always tailors his courses and advice so that it is relevant and appropriate.” ~

    ~ Vee Montebello, former Head of Corporate Communications, Old Mutual Wealth

    Press Coverage

    As with any speech or presentation, even if you only have to speak for between two and three minutes, you have to structure your material effectively so it will flow—and you have to rehearse.