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Never use these phrases in an interview!

Listeners to BBC Radio 4’s Feedback programme have been at it again – complaining about the words and phrases that most annoy them when used on the airwaves. Apart from the bete noir of starting answers with the word ‘So …’ (discussed previously), we present some of the phrases that anyone interviewed on radio or… Read more »

Four ways to apologise if your company gets it wrong

If your organisation gets it wrong, it’s important to apologise – but not the way Oxfam did it, after the revelations of inappropriate behaviour by members of its team in Haiti, and elsewhere. What can be learnt from this? Oxfam’s boss quickly apologised for its failings, after The Times broke the shocking story of sexual… Read more »

How do you prevent a crisis from going nuclear?

Recent events in Hawaii caught the world’s attention, when panic ensued as the island’s residents were sent warning by text message that a nuclear attack was imminent, with the ominous warning THIS IS NOT A DRILL. In the light of heightened tensions between the US and North Korea, this must have seemed a very real… Read more »

Their words, not yours?

The challenge for those wishing to get their message across effectively in the media in 2018 will be greater than ever; the good news is that it will be worth it. Recent research suggests that the reputation of mainstream news media has been largely maintained or strengthened over the past year. For example, the recent… Read more »