Author: Tom Maddocks

Corporate robots hit the screen again

We have said it before – it’s definitely possible to be over-media trained. The results of a corporate spokesperson being too on-message can be cringeworthy. For some reason, the supermarkets often seem to get it wrong. Last night on BBC1, in an investigation imported from BBC3 into the way supermarkets expand the nation’s waistlines by… Read more »

Er, can I just clarify that??

A lot of people think it’s safer to communicate with journalists via e-mail – ‘then you can’t be misquoted’. However trying to retract something – difficult enough at the best of times – then becomes next-to-impossible. At least with a phone conversation the astute PR has a chance of convincing the journalist there was a… Read more »

Media tip – beware the loose cannon

Be careful not to turn into a loose cannon, the kind that every PR fears. Some people are so eager to please the journalist and get good coverage that they find themselves being extra helpful – anything for a good headline or ‘to make the journalist like me’ – and may give more away about… Read more »