Author: Tom Maddocks

How NOT to respond to a Media Crisis

British politicians, bankers and company bosses often feel they get a hard time from the media, and 2019 looks set to be a bumpier year than most. However, it’s interesting to note that those on the other side of the world in Australia often appear to get much tougher treatment. In particular it seems to… Read more »

The importance of the snappy phrase

It’s not just what you say, it’s the way that you say it … we work with several clients who are worried about a potential media crisis, but many more who simply want to use the media to raise the profile of their organisation as a leader in their field – or, to employ the… Read more »

Open Season on Pret and Persimmon

It rarely just rains .. the problem with a corporate crisis or a badly handed media issue is that you can’t rely on it to go away once the fuss has died down. It puts your company in the spotlight and almost invites journalists and their readers to come forward with any similar problems they’ve… Read more »

Don’t let your key soundbite turn into an ‘Exotic Spresm!’

Words matter. Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable found this out to his cost at the party’s annual conference a few days ago when, during his big speech, he mangled his (slightly risqué) key soundbite, which had clearly been aimed at catching the headlines. Instead of belittling avid Brexiteers by suggesting they would put up… Read more »