Be An Oven-ready Commentator

If you want to use the media to raise your profile as an expert in your field, you have to be willing to put yourself about a bit; the really successful commentators are not afraid to cancel an engagement or get up uncomfortably early in the morning to do a radio interview. Each time, you will need to make a judgment call as to whether it’s worth it – but producers really remember the people who ‘got them out of a hole’ at short notice by being willing to fill an interview slot when they could not find anyone else. That is how certain individuals have become such familiar expert commentators – by reliably delivering relevant points to the audience, and by being willing to put the time in, when others were busy or slow to return calls. If your area of expertise is not of interest to the general market, you can still build profile in your  own sector, which is all that matters if it will help you get your name out there as a leader in your target market. Think about the current hot topics in your sector, and ensure you have some relevant views you are willing to share. Then you are all ready when the media opportunity comes up, rather than having to go away for ages to work out what you want to say. (Taken from the book The M-Factor by Tom Maddocks)