Our 5-Point Plan to Avoid a Media Crisis in Your Organisation

What has gone wrong with the ability of big British organisations to anticipate potential crises and respond effectively? From the BBC and NatWest/Coutts to the package holiday companies, continuing to send people out to Rhodes even as forest fires intensified and hotels put up their shutters, their media responses have been lamentable. With all of… Read more »

Associate Yourself with Trusted Media!

The rise of generative artificial intelligence – which can quite convincingly come up with allegedly factual “news stories” about whatever subject you like – means it’s more important than ever for people around the world to know what sources of information they can actually trust.  That’s the reason why the BBC has just launched ‘BBC… Read more »

Influencers v Journalists

It’s become a fact of life for PR agencies over the past few years, particularly those with consumer-facing clients, that they need to engage with ‘social media influencers’ as well as journalists from traditional media outlets.  This of course requires a different, though related, set of skills – ideas still have to be generated and… Read more »