Grabbing the Opportunities Podcasts Can Provide

The podcast industry has continued to grow strongly over the past year, and I think a lot of people don’t appreciate what a good opportunity it can provide for a whole range of business leaders and industry thinkers to demonstrate expertise, and raise profile to a motivated audience. I was recently able to go behind… Read more »

The Most Dangerous Type of Jargon?

A Sunday newspaper headline this month made me realise that there are two types of jargon. Both should be avoided when dealing with the media, but one can have more significant consequences.   The first type is the annoying kind of business buzzword which crops up in any number of lists of ‘worst business jargon of… Read more »

Our 5-Point Plan to Avoid a Media Crisis in Your Organisation

What has gone wrong with the ability of big British organisations to anticipate potential crises and respond effectively? From the BBC and NatWest/Coutts to the package holiday companies, continuing to send people out to Rhodes even as forest fires intensified and hotels put up their shutters, their media responses have been lamentable. With all of… Read more »