Big companies in the firing line as newspapers rediscover their investigative zeal

Is much tougher press treatment of big companies becoming a surprise consequence of the much-publicised Leveson enquiry into tabloid misdemeanours? This week we have seen the Independent and others lay into Bell Pottinger over alleged lobbying influence and ‘dark arts’, the Mail leading the charge over the HSBC subsidiary which may have over-enthusiastically sold care-home… Read more »

Who Cares Wins? Or Not

Social media has transformed the model of how companies will have to behave. They should no longer focus so much on the way they appear – their PR image – but more on the way they actually behave. Otherwise their spin will be immediately exposed by the crowd, and they won’t fool anyone. This seems… Read more »

Ah, those good old tabloid days …

How has tabloid journalism changed? The News of the World is dead, and in the ‘states the notorious supermarket tabloid the National Enquirer is a shadow of its former self. I’m in the US at the moment and have just heard Iain Calder speak at a conference. He’s the Scot who edited the Enquirer when… Read more »

Are British newspapers really less frivolous than 25 years ago?

Occasionally our media training clients complain that there’s ‘not nearly so much serious news coverage in the papers as there was’. A new survey however, refutes this. The PR agency Clarion Communications compared the contents of tabloids and broadsheets in 1986 compared to 2011, and came up with some surprises. The report suggests that the… Read more »