A tale of jargon and the World’s Worst Press Release

It’s always good to see a new front opened up in the war against jargon. This month a couple of new books have taken up the theme – each of which contains some good reminders of the types of clichés and weasel words many of us have slipped into, but should probably try hard to… Read more »

End of the News of the World

Today’s extraordinary announcement of the closure of the News of the World raises the question: is the traditional Sunday tabloid model broken for good? For years, the aim has been to create a string of ‘exclusives’ which will be juicy enough to ensure the target market will want to ‘read all about it’. Frequently these… Read more »

Johann Hari and the “fake” interviews

Have journalists ever been known to ‘tweak’ their quotes? Is the Pope Catholic? It has always been the tradition (in British publications much more than, say, American ones it has to be said) to ‘tidy up’ the quotes. You take out the ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ and ‘you knows’ to present the interviewee’s statements more cogently…. Read more »