Tips from the front line for wannabe media pundits

Plenty of subject experts hidden away in the dustier corners of Britain’s universities and business schools could use the media far more effectively, to raise their own profile and the brand reputation of the academic institution they work for. The problem is that they just don’t ‘get it’. That was the conclusion of a panel… Read more »

Red or Ed?

Labour party leader Ed Miliband is widely referred to by the papers as ‘Red Ed’ for his left-leaning views, and clearly the nickname has stuck. It was a lovely moment on ‘Newsnight’ this week when shadow chancellor Alan Johnson accidentally referred to Mr M as Red instead of Ed. This sort of slip of the… Read more »

Getting lost in the ballpark …

Good to see the London Evening Standard among those fighting the good fight against corporate jargon. Lucy Tobin points out that bankers and other City people are particularly prone, with lots of ‘ballpark figures’ instead of estimates, ‘talking offline’ instead of a private conversations or gossip, people being ‘incentivised’ rather than paid. ‘When did business… Read more »