Nokia’s ‘Ratner Moment’?

This morning Nokia and Microsoft have confirmed their well-flagged strategic partnership, with Windows Phone 7 to become Nokia’s primary smartphone platform in place of the company’s own technology. The partnership has already been derided as ‘two drunks trying to prop themselves up’ and initial market reaction saw a big fall in Nokia shares. Nokia has… Read more »

High-speed rail, media fail?

Those who ignore the power of the media to shape the debate on a major issue do so at their peril. A current example is the new high-speed rail link being proposed between London and northern England. Having been proposed by Labour, it is supported by all three main political parties, and sounds like a… Read more »

Media success for the senior executive

Last week I was interviewed by the Sunday Times for an article about whether a different approach needs to be taken when media training chief executives and senior managers, compared with those lower down the organisation. The article appeared yesterday, and it was gratifying to see lots of my quotes included. The main point I… Read more »

Media tip: Make speedy journalist response a priority!

When journalists need comment from subject experts on a current topic, they often put calls out to at least a couple of rival firms – whoever responds quickest tends to get their quote used, or the slot on the air. Even if you are busy, try to prioritise returning a journalist’s call – don’t plough… Read more »