Why do they never learn? No Comment

Effectively saying ‘No Comment’ to a newspaper which is about to print something negative about you is nearly always a big mistake. Today The Times carried a story, sourced from Davos, that Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein – chief whipping boy in the bankers’ bonuses debate – could be in line for a bonus of… Read more »

Media tip – dealing with ignorant or stupid interviewers

A lot of people are afraid of very smart journalists, but ignorant or stupid radio or TV  interviewers are also tough to deal with for any interviewee – be wary if faced with one. Don’t make the interviewer look stupid (he’s already capable of that himself) by pointing out that he doesn’t know what he’s talking… Read more »

Vampire squid on the ropes?

Sometimes it’s all in the timing. There’s no love for the bonus-swelled bankers at the moment, with President Obama’s bank-bashing plans hitting the headlines, and Goldman Sachs at the top of the hate list. Before Christmas, in a bid to turn around the PR onslaught, Goldmans agreed to some high-profile (Vanity Fair, Sunday Times magazine)… Read more »

Ryanair flies in the face of criticism

  Ryanair is as brazen in its approach to PR as it is to everything else. It is the master at using any public criticism of its actions (and there is plenty) as yet another opportunity to plug its services. So when the airline is attacked this week by John Fingleton, the OFT boss, for its… Read more »