Does the truth lie? Tittle-tattle vs authoritative reporting

The rising influence of political bloggers and citizen journalists continues to put pressure on the practices of the more serious end of the established media. Aspects of this clash of ideology came to the fore at a thought-provoking Editorial Intelligence debate for the launch of Julia Hobsbawm’s collection of essays, ‘Where the truth lies’. Sometimes… Read more »

Media tip: grow a thick skin!

If you want to get media coverage, or your company is in the public eye, grow a thick skin. It’s true that from time to time, a high-profile organisation like a BP or a Goldman Sachs will take a relentless pasting from the media, and that can be extremely painful for those involved – but… Read more »

Don’t insult the interviewer?

We have previously made the point that it is rarely a good idea to insult a journalist or interviewer, whether in the press or on radio or TV. You probably won’t keep the audience on-side, and are most likely to come over as chippy or bad-tempered. Labour MP Chris Bryant was happy to take the… Read more »

Media Tip: Don’t be a media robot!

Nobody is interested in the media robot – the kind of glib interviewee who is just too on-message all the time. I once interviewed a senior bank executive for TV whose clips were almost unusable because he just wouldn’t engage with the issues. A good media trainer will tell you that when dealing with journalists,… Read more »