Media Tip: Don’t be a media robot!

Nobody is interested in the media robot – the kind of glib interviewee who is just too on-message all the time. I once interviewed a senior bank executive for TV whose clips were almost unusable because he just wouldn’t engage with the issues. A good media trainer will tell you that when dealing with journalists,… Read more »

Media Tip: Is a journalist or media team headed your way?

Never leave a reporter or TV crew unattended in your office. Journalists quickly develop the ability to read documents on your desk upside down, and will scan your whiteboard and/or pinned-up notices to reveal information you thought was private. Ensure everybody in the office knows exactly who is coming and why, so they don’t make… Read more »

BP’s Olympic-sized tragedy

BP and its PR team have been heavily castigated from all sides for their handling of the Gulf oil spill, and many industry professionals have been scratching their heads over the past few weeks, wondering why Tony Hayward wasn’t better prepared and media trained for what he had to handle. That was brought home once… Read more »