Media tip: now for the good news

Don’t assume that journalists are only ever interested in bad news – the papers would be very thin if this were true. If your organisation is under attack, it can certainly seem that way – ask the bosses of BP or Goldman Sachs. However, most people don’t realize how much of the material in some… Read more »

A lesson for the over-controlling PR

From the journalist’s point of view it is always enormously enjoyable to see the over-reaching PR person put in their place in print. In an era when PR agencies are starting to position themselves as ‘content providers’, while by contrast newspapers suffer budget cuts and redundancies, it is a way for the reporter to show… Read more »

BP’s gusher

Much has been made over recent days of BP chief executive Tony Hayward’s gaffes in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil spillage. The New York Daily News has called him ‘The most hated and clueless man in America’ and others have been little more diplomatic. The President is on his back, the cleanup… Read more »