Apple’s reputational risk

As the delayed UK launch of the Apple iPad approaches, the breathless stories continue, celebrating its general desirability and, well, Apple-ness. The company’s image is all about cool style; the global PR value of all this adulatory copy over the past few months has been massive. Yet, often hidden away in the business sections, stories… Read more »

How to get into the Sunday business sections …?

Sunday papers are about ‘preview’ not ‘review’. That’s the perspective of Kamal Ahmed, business editor of the Sunday Telegraph, and it’s one PR people trying to get coverage would do well to remember. In a talk to the CIPR Corporate and Financial Group, he explained he gets far too many PRs just offering him more… Read more »

Leaders’ Lessons

From our latest client newsletter, just online: What lessons from Nick Clegg’s much-mulled-over success in the historic first party leaders’ TV debates? He came across as personable and sensible, though most viewers would be hard-pressed to remember much of what he said about Lib-Dem policies. So for anyone being interviewed on TV, remember that too… Read more »

Media tip: I never said that, did I??

If an interviewer uses emotive or negative language in his or her questions, don’t repeat it or paraphrase it. Use more positive language – that way you can avoid ending up being quoted in the paper saying things like “I wouldn’t say we’ve been duplicitous over this” when all you are trying to do is… Read more »