Media tip: grow a thick skin!

If you want to get media coverage, or your company is in the public eye, grow a thick skin. It’s true that from time to time, a high-profile organisation like a BP or a Goldman Sachs will take a relentless pasting from the media, and that can be extremely painful for those involved – but… Read more »

Don’t insult the interviewer?

We have previously made the point that it is rarely a good idea to insult a journalist or interviewer, whether in the press or on radio or TV. You probably won’t keep the audience on-side, and are most likely to come over as chippy or bad-tempered. Labour MP Chris Bryant was happy to take the… Read more »

Media Tip: Don’t be a media robot!

Nobody is interested in the media robot – the kind of glib interviewee who is just too on-message all the time. I once interviewed a senior bank executive for TV whose clips were almost unusable because he just wouldn’t engage with the issues. A good media trainer will tell you that when dealing with journalists,… Read more »

Media Tip: Is a journalist or media team headed your way?

Never leave a reporter or TV crew unattended in your office. Journalists quickly develop the ability to read documents on your desk upside down, and will scan your whiteboard and/or pinned-up notices to reveal information you thought was private. Ensure everybody in the office knows exactly who is coming and why, so they don’t make… Read more »