Er, can I just clarify that??

A lot of people think it’s safer to communicate with journalists via e-mail – ‘then you can’t be misquoted’. However trying to retract something – difficult enough at the best of times – then becomes next-to-impossible. At least with a phone conversation the astute PR has a chance of convincing the journalist there was a… Read more »

Media tip – beware the loose cannon

Be careful not to turn into a loose cannon, the kind that every PR fears. Some people are so eager to please the journalist and get good coverage that they find themselves being extra helpful – anything for a good headline or ‘to make the journalist like me’ – and may give more away about… Read more »

Why do they never learn? No Comment

Effectively saying ‘No Comment’ to a newspaper which is about to print something negative about you is nearly always a big mistake. Today The Times carried a story, sourced from Davos, that Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Lloyd Blankfein – chief whipping boy in the bankers’ bonuses debate – could be in line for a bonus of… Read more »