Open Season on Pret and Persimmon

It rarely just rains .. the problem with a corporate crisis or a badly handed media issue is that you can’t rely on it to go away once the fuss has died down. It puts your company in the spotlight and almost invites journalists and their readers to come forward with any similar problems they’ve… Read more »

Don’t let your key soundbite turn into an ‘Exotic Spresm!’

Words matter. Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable found this out to his cost at the party’s annual conference a few days ago when, during his big speech, he mangled his (slightly risqué) key soundbite, which had clearly been aimed at catching the headlines. Instead of belittling avid Brexiteers by suggesting they would put up… Read more »

Tell them a story!

Over the summer, certain politicians have made much more traction with their Brexit comments than others – naming no names, but we all know who they are. This is often to do with their much livelier use of language than most people manage, frequently painting vivid word pictures with the use of emotive or figurative… Read more »

Privacy and Media Training

The case of Sir Cliff Richard versus the BBC has raised many questions, and not just about the BBC’s conduct. Sir Cliff understandably feels vindicated after seeing his name dragged through the mud, even though he was never arrested and no charges were brought. However, the ruling restricts the freedom of media organisations, and means… Read more »