Vampire squid on the ropes?

Sometimes it’s all in the timing. There’s no love for the bonus-swelled bankers at the moment, with President Obama’s bank-bashing plans hitting the headlines, and Goldman Sachs at the top of the hate list. Before Christmas, in a bid to turn around the PR onslaught, Goldmans agreed to some high-profile (Vanity Fair, Sunday Times magazine)… Read more »

Ryanair flies in the face of criticism

  Ryanair is as brazen in its approach to PR as it is to everything else. It is the master at using any public criticism of its actions (and there is plenty) as yet another opportunity to plug its services. So when the airline is attacked this week by John Fingleton, the OFT boss, for its… Read more »

New year, new blog.

Welcome.  I am the founder and Course Director at Media Training Associates, one of the UK’s leading media coaching and presentation skills consultancies. The idea here is to give regular media tips for those who have to deal with journalists or appear on radio or TV, as well as occasional commentary on the good, the… Read more »