You never know who’s listening…

What can we learn from the MP Anne Marie Morris, suspended from the Conservative party for using a phrase that might regrettably have been in occasional use forty or more years ago, but universally seen a utterly indefensible today? She was speaking at a Brexit event at the East India Club in London; for those… Read more »

Engage with the media or face the consequences

It’s a truism that reputation, having taken years to build up, can be lost very quickly.  Over the past few weeks we have been reminded of that by, amongst others, British Airways with its disastrous IT crash, as well as by a certain UK political leader who ill-advisedly called an unnecessary general election.  For any… Read more »

When an interviewer scents blood…

Sometimes the mood of an interview can change in an instant. I was reminded of this during a media training course we were running the other day – halfway through what might have been a relatively straightforward interview, I suddenly found myself getting quite aggressive, pushing the point and interrupting some of the answers if… Read more »

Bad Language at United Airlines

The big corporate communications failure of the past month has been the United Airlines overbooking fiasco.  CEO Oscar Munoz was last week hauled in front of a Congress committee to answer awkward questions (“Why do you hate the American people?”) about the airline’s practices in the wake of the incident, in which security officers forcibly… Read more »