Down-the-line TV interviews: avoid them altogether?

A couple of recent events have shown the perils of agreeing to a ‘down-the-line’ interview – that is, when your interview is taking the form of an inject into one of the news channels or TV programmes, from a remote studio. Former Cabinet Minister Nicky Morgan has said she will not do any more of… Read more »

The $23bn lesson from Mark Zuckerberg’s notes

What can we learn from Mark Zuckerberg’s much-publicised grilling before Congress, over the Cambridge Analytica data breach? The Facebook founder was deemed to have broadly survived the two-day ordeal, partly helped by the low-ball nature of many of the questions. In fact, on many measures he performed poorly – he looked and sounded robotic, for… Read more »

Never use these phrases in an interview!

Listeners to BBC Radio 4’s Feedback programme have been at it again – complaining about the words and phrases that most annoy them when used on the airwaves. Apart from the bete noir of starting answers with the word ‘So …’ (discussed previously), we present some of the phrases that anyone interviewed on radio or… Read more »