What does your interview really say about you?

What does a media interview say about you and your organisation, whether remotely via Zoom, on the phone or in the studio? It’s about more than just the points you make – it’s the overall impression you create. As such, it can be very powerful for building your public image, for better – or worse…. Read more »

Help! Jennifer Lawrence needs Media Training! (in a movie)

It’s the first time I’m aware of that a film, let alone one with major Hollywood stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, has included repeated references that one of the key characters ‘needs media training’. ‘Don’t Look Up’, now showing on Netflix, is an over-the-top satire of populist, frivolous politicians and media outlets,… Read more »

Look Smart for Radio! Or is it TV?

As we enter 2022, various aspects of the media continue to morph and evolve, particularly as the pandemic continues. One change that many have missed is that while TV is all about appearances, the joy of radio has always been that you can be dressed in your pyjamas or look like a tramp, and the… Read more »