Going Local!

There has been widespread surprise that the band Coldplay chose to announce details of its new album Everyday Life via the classified ad sections of local newspapers, such as the North Wales Daily Post and the Devon-based Express and Echo. This is unlikely to become standard practice in the music industry, but should serve as… Read more »

The Jargon Problem – Even Worse than we Thought?

The problem of company spokespeople spouting jargon, far from going away, may be even more of an issue that we’d thought.  If a survey commissioned by Santander is anything to go by, he general public’s understanding of financial industry terms is even more shaky than many had realised.  With a particular focus on the mortgage… Read more »

Dealing With Awkward Questions on Executive Pay

The Financial Times reports that 2019 has seen a record number of revolts at big company Annual General Meetings on the issue of executive pay and pensions.  This means company spokespeople need to be much better prepared to deal with questions on the topic when they are being interviewed, as they are more likely to… Read more »

Hoping to impress millennials? Cut the corporate drivel

There is increasing evidence that many twenty- and thirty-something consumers – Millennials/Gen Z if you prefer – are driven by different motivations, compared with preceding generations. In line with this perception, there is now much talk of the benefit of so-called ‘purpose-driven communication’, whereby companies seek to show they are about more than simply making… Read more »