The first rule of crisis communications – reassurance

In the wake of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burning phone crisis, it’s appropriate to ask what the company could have done differently, and what lessons can be learned.  Samsung seemed to give out mixed messages, suggesting it was doing everything it could to identify the problem, then blaming the batteries, then suggesting that things… Read more »

Attack of the killer jargon!

It’s something that has probably been mentioned by every media training coach up and down the land to every one of their clients, since what feels like the dawn of time. Don’t talk in jargon! When dealing with the media, use language that everybody will understand, or at least explain your jargon clearly if it… Read more »

Sir Philip Green – the gift that keeps on giving (for some)

For journalists and anti-capitalists, (though not of course for BHS pensioners), Sir Philip Green is the gift that keeps on giving. His reaction yesterday to the appearance of a Sky News crew when he arrived on the Greek island of Ithaca, a stopping off point on his Mediterranean holiday cruise, was classic. It wasn’t as… Read more »