Beware emotive, apocalyptic language!

There are words, which when used in an interview, will always tend to jump out to the journalist and find their way into the headline. If you are the one being interviewed, it is smart only to use these emotive words if this is what you want to be remembered by – in other words… Read more »

Why media skills are now more relevant than ever

As new types of media continue to emerge and evolve, you might imagine the old media skills, together with the old media themselves, are becoming irrelevant. However recent trends would suggest you’d be wrong on both counts. Let’s take the ‘old media’ first. The TV streaming services, which had been eating the lunch of the… Read more »

What does your interview really say about you?

What does a media interview say about you and your organisation, whether remotely via Zoom, on the phone or in the studio? It’s about more than just the points you make – it’s the overall impression you create. As such, it can be very powerful for building your public image, for better – or worse…. Read more »