When an interviewer scents blood…

Sometimes the mood of an interview can change in an instant. I was reminded of this during a media training course we were running the other day – halfway through what might have been a relatively straightforward interview, I suddenly found myself getting quite aggressive, pushing the point and interrupting some of the answers if… Read more »

Bad Language at United Airlines

The big corporate communications failure of the past month has been the United Airlines overbooking fiasco.  CEO Oscar Munoz was last week hauled in front of a Congress committee to answer awkward questions (“Why do you hate the American people?”) about the airline’s practices in the wake of the incident, in which security officers forcibly… Read more »

Call a spade a spade, not an LDI (long-handled digging implement)

Jargon in the business world continues to proliferate, and eternal vigilance is required for anyone giving a media interview to avoid slipping into it.  Last week a former cabinet minister even blamed senior Civil Servants for falling back on jargon to disguise their lack of knowledge, leading to poor briefings for ministers and bad decisions.  Carrying… Read more »