Blogging, Writing for the Web, and Article Writing

This is an informal workshop-based course covering key principles of clear writing and different ways of structuring your material for variety and clarity. The course includes lots of hands-on practical exercises and feedback to improve your writing style, and typically covers:

  • Principles of clear writing/communication – the 7 Cs
  • How writing for the web is different from traditional writing styles
  • Capturing reader’s attention in a signed article
  • The art of the intro
  • What is a blog?
  • Why blog?
  • What works and what doesn’t – good and bad examples
  • Blogging aims and objectives for the organisation
  • Blog styles and structures
  • Targeting your audience effectively
  • Making it lively/relevant
  • Being willing to take a stand/have a view
  • How personal should you be?
  • How to avoid obvious mistakes
  • Publicising your blog – the relationship with Twitter, etc.

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