Body Language, Impact and Voice Coaching

When you first walk in the room or stand up on stage to make a presentation, do you create impact and make the right impression in front of the people who matter?

Those impressions are made before you even open your mouth – and when you do, does your voice transmit your sincerity, vision, passion or motivation?  Or will people find it boring and monotonous?

This half-day specialist course can be run in-house for a small group of up to three people, or as one-to-one coaching for senior executives.  It will provide you with techniques to  project more presence and impact, to be yourself in a relaxed and confident way no matter how you feel and who your audience is.  Using practical exercises that fully involve those taking part, we will work on postural and vocal problems, also the authentic use of gesture, standing and movement.  There is video feedback so you can see what works for you and what doesn’t.

The session is invaluable EITHER for individuals who lack confidence in these areas OR for experienced presenters who wish to ‘raise their game’ and awareness of these factors.

The course will cover the following areas:

  • posture, body language and first impressions
  • vocal quality and tone for different audiences
  • vocal range, intonation and expression
  • pace and pausing
  • vocal technique


… this taught me a huge amount about myself.
… the exercises were very useful in helping me see how I could do things differently.