Body Language When Talking To Camera

An increasing number of our clients now have to be ready to communicate by video, online or offline. But often their body language looks uncomfortable when talking directly to camera. It’s good to sit up straight then relax a little, so you do not look too stiff and awkward. If possible ensure the camera is at eye level, rather than looking down at you, or, worse still, looking up your nose. Keep your chin at its natural level, rather than allowing it to jut forward awkwardly, or back, tightening up your throat and constricting your vocal chords. Your shoulders should be relaxed and balanced, not tensed. Try not to jiggle about; small movements can be exaggerated on camera in close-up, so you want to put the energy into your voice instead. If you tend to ‘talk with your hands’, try to ensure they do not fly in and out of shot too much – try instead to keep hand movements at a lower level.

For the full list of ten tips on how to ‘look good on camera’ see Chapter 10 of ‘The M-factor‘.