Car-crash TV interviews 2 – The BBC Edition

he should go out and buy a tie, or two,  for a start.
With the dramatic events at the BBC over the past few days, we have witnessed further car-crash interviews (see previous post) – in fact more of a multiple pile-up. They demonstrate yet again the importance of the impression you create in a broadcast interview, as well as what you say – and therefore how thoroughly you have to prepare if you know you will be facing tough questions. George Entwistle’s floundering performance when under attack by John Humphrys on Radio 4’s Today programme on Saturday was widely seen as the nail in the coffin of his BBC career. His TV interview with BBC Breakfast a few minutes later was little better – with his discomfort all too obvious as he rushed and stuttered through his answers, instead of attempting to take it slowly and re-establish his authority. A sad end to the career of someone consistently described as a good, and decent man.
The new man in the DG’s office, Tim Davie, badly needs some solid media training himself. On Sky he committed one of the cardinal sins by walking out of his interview with Dermot Murnaghan. Apart from anything else his performance lacked the appropriate authority for such a senior position – he should go out and buy a tie, or two, for a start.