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Coronavirus, consistency and corporate messaging

The EU’s debacle over its vaccine rollout serves as a strong reminder of just how much can go wrong when your message is muddled – and this applies to all organisations with a public profile, not just governments. In this extreme case it’s literally a case of life or death, with thousands or possibly millions… Read more »

Pause for thought?

According to one of those pieces of research from the university of the flippin’ obvious (in this case actually the Grenoble school of management), when people pause too long before replying to a question, their answers are perceived to be less sincere and credible than if they had replied immediately. More than seven thousand people… Read more »

How to avoid becoming the next viral interview clip

After a well-publicised policy change at 10 Downing Street, cabinet ministers are once again appearing on radio and TV programmes such as BBC Radio Four’s Today and ITV’s Good Morning Britain. This means they are having to submit themselves to daily ritual slaughter (or what feels like it) at the hands of Piers Morgan on… Read more »

Five (or seven, or fifty-seven?) golden rules of communication

Effective communication, or the lack of it, has been a major theme during the Covid health crisis. So as we edge warily into 2021, maybe it’s worth revisiting a few of the basic principles. Some professionals like the UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam have been praised for their openness and effective use of… Read more »