Category: Media Commentary

Five ways to avoid making journalists annoyed

The PR industry is changing, along with everything else at the moment. Some communications professionals, especially in the consumer field, spend as much or more time dealing with social media ‘influencers’ as they do with reporters and editors. The risk here is that many younger PRs have little experience of the requirements of journalists writing… Read more »

Better Internal Communication via Video

One of the lessons of the current crisis is that it’s more important than ever for leadership teams to demonstrate good communications skills – for reaching both internal and external audiences. Employees are being furloughed or made redundant and are worried about their futures. Customers and clients have either disappeared for the moment and need to be wooed… Read more »

Look good if you have to be interviewed on TV from home! (Part two)

Covid-19 is shifting the landscape of corporate reputation.  Those companies which are seen to have behaved well to their staff, customers and community during the crisis will reap goodwill long afterwards. There are impressive stories – such as the retailers who have donated food packs to those in need, and whisky distilleries turning production over… Read more »