Complete Media Confidence Package

Ensure your spokespeople are kept in peak media fitness!

The beneficial impact of media coaching can fade, like any other type of training, if the skills are not regularly put into practice. However, the appropriate opportunity does not always arise for company spokespeople. Media Training Associates’ unique Complete Media Confidence system is designed to solve this problem, as well as enabling the training to be tailored as closely as possible to individual needs. It includes, in addition to the standard full or half-day media training:

  • Our unique online diagnostic tool to help you identify your most promising potential media spokespeople, and where their particular strengths lie. We can then identify their specific training needs and tailor the coaching to be as relevant as possible [Available separately at £49 per head]
  • Follow-up interview practice for each participant after the initial training, so your spokespeople can keep up their interview skills up-to-date.
  • Free copy for all participants of the new book The M-factor: Complete Media Confidence for Business Leaders and Managers by Course Director and lead trainer Tom Maddocks.
  • Monthly tips update to keep spokespeople in touch
  • Access to our ‘media hotline’ for emergency interview practice if needed