Leaders’ Lessons

From our latest client newsletter, just online:

What lessons from Nick Clegg’s much-mulled-over success in the historic first party leaders’ TV debates? He came across as personable and sensible, though most viewers would be hard-pressed to remember much of what he said about Lib-Dem policies. So for anyone being interviewed on TV, remember that too much point-scoring and getting across every last ‘key message’ can actually be counter-productive. You have to have a couple of good points you want to make, but then it’s more about creating a friendly, authoritative impression. Getting the audience to like you is more than half the battle, though for most people that takes quite a bit of practice. Don’t try to copy Clegg by looking direct to camera – it looks awkward when answering questions in an interview. Look instead directly to the interviewer.  For more from the newsletter, see our website.