Make It Lively!

If you appear on either radio or TV you need to make an effort to sound lively and interested rather than monotonous and boring. An extra 20% of energy above your standard speaking voice is usually about right. You are, after all, in the entertainment business here. On television you need to make sure that this energy does not mean arms flailing about and head bobbing—hugely annoying and distracting for viewers—but on the radio this does not matter. Bob around as much as you want, if this helps you to make your performance lively and engaging—just make sure you do not get too carried away and hit the microphone. Unless it is a really serious or sombre topic, inject some warmth into your voice by lightening up your expression—as they say, you can ‘smile on the radio’—and listeners will definitely hear it. (Taken from the book The M-Factor by Tom Maddocks)