Make it up!

It’s important to think about what you are going to wear if you have to give a TV interview, in order to create the right professional impression—but you should also think about the naked bit—your face. Under the unflattering studio lights in particular, everyone looks better with make-up; especially in this era of HDTV. Television presenters wear a thick layer of foundation, with make-up often sprayed on with an airbrush—very effective in covering the blotches and making your skin look flawless. Men are often embarrassed to ask, especially in front of their colleagues when doing those ‘down the line’ interviews direct from the trading floor. But it is the single factor that would stop them looking shiny, sweaty, pasty-faced and unconvincing. Even just a quick dab of powder all over the face from a powder compact can make a big difference in the way you come across—certainly better than nothing.