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May: Dealing with an Unpredictable Reporter

When being interviewed, unless you know the journalist pretty well already, you can never be quite sure how soft or tough their approach will be.  You might have a very easy time and be pleased with the outcome, but equally it’s not the reporter’s job to be your PR person, so they might be looking to play ‘devil’s advocate’ and challenge your lines of argument.  Or, they may genuinely not like what you and your organisation is doing – you can’t assume everybody loves you like you do!  So anticipate any likely areas of attack and be ready to deal reasonably with them – but don’t make the mistake of being too defensive.  This won’t create a good impression, and who knows – you may not get those negative questions anyway!

Media Training Video Tips On …

Giving Better TV & Radio Interviews

You would be surprised how ignorant the general public can be! Many people watching or listening are likely to know very little about your subject or company. Phrases like ‘as you probably know, our AP-59 model last year was very successful’ are a turnoff for all but those in the loop.


Getting your message across in the press

When talking to a journalist, what can you do to increase the chances they will find your key points are worth quoting? Those who are unprepared tend to find that it’s pot luck as to which points the reporter will pick up from the conversation.


How to improve your presentations

Those who attend our top-flight presentation training courses emerge energised, sparkling and ready to knock ‘em sideways. We also carry out specialist one-on-one coaching with senior executives who have specific presentations coming up, to ensure both content and delivery are tip-top.