MTA Podcast Production

If you would like to create a professional-sounding, studio-produced factual podcast with interesting and informative editorial content, let’s have a conversation.  For us, it all started because, being aware of the increasing popularity of podcasts, clients started asking about how they could put one together, and could we help?

The answer was ‘yes’, so our first production was launched in May 2021. 

Using our broadcast skills and radio production expertise, we can bring the right team together – we have a range of presenters who are experts in finance & business, property, the arts and so on – or you can provide your own.  If you and your team have interesting things to say, we will help you develop a programme of content that will engage the relevant audiences – you provide the ‘experts’ who can feature.  We use a central London studio to ensure top-quality production values – with vibrant theme music options, and no ‘iffy’ Zoom-style sound quality.

Why start an MTA-produced podcast?

Firstly, they are easy ways for people to consume information, for instance while driving or commuting.  Also, you can:

  • Raise brand awareness among members of your target market, whether specialist or consumer 
  • Position yourselves as a market leader with views and opinions that matter, not one of the also-rans
  • Lead the debate on the issues of current concern in your sector, or to your customers/clients
  • Support your key partners by including them in your discussions and giving them a platform
  • Produce long-form content that can showcase your insights and depth of expertise

Contact us for more information.