Style Advice for a TV Interview

If you want to give a calm and confident performance in a television interview, wear something you feel comfortable in, and think carefully what image it projects. Whether ‘suited and boot-ed’ or business casual, you want to look smart as well; it will really show if you are constantly worrying that you ‘don’t look right’ – you are likely to feel distracted, and come over as uncomfortable. Wear a plain shirt or blouse if possible, and avoid bright colours and strong patterns – nothing that will distract viewers from what you are saying. It is a good idea to wear a jacket, so that when the microphone is attached the cable can be easily hidden. Broadcast microphones are extremely sensitive, so avoid clunky jewellery that can create noise when you move, and may be visually distracting for the viewer. The audience should be able to focus on what you’re saying, not distracted by your appearance.