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Environmental hazards and outside TV interviews

Poor old Rishi Sunak didn’t have a lot of luck in making his big announcement calling a general election the other day.  He was widely mocked for ploughing through a lengthy speech outside Number 10 in the rain with no umbrella – leaving him absolutely soaked, his suit doubtless ruined, his words having to compete… Read more »

Words Matter: Choose Them Carefully

A couple of recent headlines reinforce the point that when communicating with the media, you not only need to think about what points you want to get across, but the actual words you want to use – a point we regularly make on our Media Training courses. Words matter! One who is aware of this… Read more »

The CEOs Making Effective Use of Video

A video posted on Instagram this month by the new Unilever CEO Hein Schumacher indicates a key shift on how CEOs are communicating with stakeholders.  He was talking directly to camera, explaining the company’s latest financial results and growth plans – not the usual Investor Relations channel, I thought, for communicating company financial updates.  But… Read more »