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Look Smart for Radio! Or is it TV?

As we enter 2022, various aspects of the media continue to morph and evolve, particularly as the pandemic continues. One change that many have missed is that while TV is all about appearances, the joy of radio has always been that you can be dressed in your pyjamas or look like a tramp, and the… Read more »

Beefing Up your ‘Thought Leadership’ content

So often, we work with organisations who want to be seen as ‘thought leaders’ in their field, to boost their visibility, corporate reputation and (with any luck) revenues and profits. The question is, how do you cut through? Using the media effectively is the number one way to achieve this – unless you’re extraordinarily lucky,… Read more »

Don’t let the charge of hypocrisy hijack your interview!

It was almost laughable to watch a spokesperson for Insulate Britain, the M25-blocking group of environmental protesters, walking off ITV’s Good Morning Britain in a huff the other day. He had been challenged on why his own home wasn’t insulated, and whether the protests weren’t irresponsible and counter-productive. Indeed, presenter Richard Madeley did laugh at… Read more »