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How to avoid becoming the next viral interview clip

After a well-publicised policy change at 10 Downing Street, cabinet ministers are once again appearing on radio and TV programmes such as BBC Radio Four’s Today and ITV’s Good Morning Britain. This means they are having to submit themselves to daily ritual slaughter (or what feels like it) at the hands of Piers Morgan on… Read more »

Five (or seven, or fifty-seven?) golden rules of communication

Effective communication, or the lack of it, has been a major theme during the Covid health crisis. So as we edge warily into 2021, maybe it’s worth revisiting a few of the basic principles. Some professionals like the UK’s Deputy Chief Medical Officer Jonathan Van-Tam have been praised for their openness and effective use of… Read more »

Webinars and Zooms: seven mistakes people are STILL making

Got a webinar appearance coming up, or an important Zoom meeting/pitch? Everyone’s at it while working from home. Here are some of the things we most frequently see people still getting wrong:  1. Not getting the hang of that ‘mute’ thing. The TV director Tristram Shapeero went viral on Twitter a few days ago, and… Read more »

Should you force your message into a radio or TV interview?

It’s nothing new for politicians to try to avoid answering interviewers’ questions, as an item from The Times TMS diary the other day reminded us. It quotes BBC veteran David Dimbleby recounting an old story from his mentor Sir Robin Day, whose tough interviewing style from the 1950’s right through to the 90’s was said… Read more »