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Success with Soundbites

Many organisations aim to create smart partnerships with the media in order to raise their profiles as market-leading, expert commentators. But to make these partnerships effective, there needs to be something in it for both sides. If you want the publicity, the reporter needs a good quote from you. However, it’s amazing to us how… Read more »

Trying too hard to control media coverage can backfire…

Every PR person would like to be able to control what the media says about their clients. Sometimes they manage to achieve this, but all too often there is the temptation to over-promise. Most journalists have crossed swords at one time or another with meddling PR types who think they can micro-manage the detail of… Read more »

Five ways to avoid making journalists annoyed

The PR industry is changing, along with everything else at the moment. Some communications professionals, especially in the consumer field, spend as much or more time dealing with social media ‘influencers’ as they do with reporters and editors. The risk here is that many younger PRs have little experience of the requirements of journalists writing… Read more »