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Look good if you have to be interviewed on TV from home! (part one)

With most of the nation stuck at home, suddenly everyone is an expert in videoconferencing.  The papers are full of articles about how to arrange your background to impress colleagues with your intelligence and good taste. The Evening Standard reminds us to ‘remove all signs of human weakness’ from your background – so that rules… Read more »

Don’t joke with the media!

England Rugby coach Eddie Jones found himself in hot water the other day after making a bizarre comment at a press conference, apparently meant as a joke.  He was asked by a reporter about his habit of meditation, having revealed in June last year that he engages in mindfulness as part of his early morning… Read more »

Five Words to Avoid in any Media Interview

Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone who ever has to give a media interview in 2020 could start the year with a resolution to refresh their vocabulary, and cleanse their speech of annoying words and phrases that no-one ever uses in the real world? The key is to ensure you (or your spokespeople) avoid those… Read more »