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Hargreaves Lansdown and the value of Corporate Reputation

What is the value of corporate reputation? For most companies it’s a lot more than the revenue stream from a single product. Yet when that product line, after heavy promotion, is shown to be shoddy or poor value, people are much less likely to purchase its other products, so the entire company can be badly… Read more »

Time to increase the diversity of your spokespeople?

Many organisations have made big efforts in recent years to reduce their reliance on the ‘same old same old’ corporate spokespeople – usually spokesmen. But the fact that more needs to be done was evidenced towards the end of last year, when the Financial Times recognised that nearly 80% of the people it quoted as… Read more »

Simple steps to avoid a car-crash interview

There have been many convoluted interviews over Brexit, but this probably takes the biscuit. The newly-appointed Labour candidate for North of Tyne mayor – basically the Newcastle and Northumberland area – was asked about his views on leaving the EU, particularly topical in the north-east after Nissan’s decision to junk plans to build its new… Read more »