Talk Easily to Camera with or without Autocue/Teleprompt

This is a specially-tailored half-day in-house course for anyone who may have to front an online video or webinar for their company or talk direct to camera. It is suitable for one-to-one coaching or a small group of up to three. There will be plenty of opportunity to practice, to help you to look natural and professional, and avoid that ‘rabbit-in-the-headlights’ look. We will provide a teleprompter facility as part of the package so you can get realistic practical experience, and learn the best options available to help you achieve your video objectives.


  • Your chance to practice on-camera, extemporising and using a teleprompter system so you can see which works better for you
  • The key techniques to come over as a ‘natural’ when using autocue/teleprompt
  • The ‘secret techniques’ to memorise a script even if you haven’t got a great memory
  • Body language and sitting position – how to look more natural
  • The importance of a good eye-line – the traps you must avoid
  • Establishing a style that works for you
  • Script tips to bring your story to life


A very practical, hands-on session, full of hints and tips. Great to get lots of practice and valuable feedback. Delivered by a true expert!
Gives you the confidence to find your natural style when talking to camera. Excellent session!