What do you want them to remember?

Think about the last radio or TV interview you heard. How much of it do you actually remember? Probably very little after an hour or two (or possibly even after five minutes). So, if you get the chance to appear yourself, If viewers or listeners only remember one thing about what you say – what do you want it to be?  It’s what’s known as the ‘audience takeaway’.  You don’t want them just to recall that you mispronounced a word or wore a funny outfit – but the key point you actually wanted them to remember.  So, don’t be afraid to repeat your main point.  Don’t overdo it – try to find alternative ways of putting it across, or find link-phrases that make it easier to return to it – things like “but as I was saying, the thing you’ve got to remember is that ….”   Then it’s really clear to everyone where you stand – and after all, you’re the expert, which is presumably the reason you’re being interviewed.