What Do You Want Your Audience to Remember

How much of your radio or TV interview is the audience likely to remember? Probably very little after an hour or two (or possibly even after ten minutes.) Given this, it’s important to try to ensure that the ‘audience takeaway’ is what you want it to be; in other words, if they only remember one thing, it should be your main message—not that you mispronounced a word or wore a particularly loud tie. So as long as it is relevant to the issue and the audience, don’t be afraid to repeat this key point. Don’t become boring, but come up with different ways of saying it, or find bridging phrases that justify returning to it – such as “however, you’ve got to bear in mind that, as I said …” Then it is crystal-clear what you think really matters. Don’t forget that you are the expert (otherwise they wouldn’t be interviewing you)—it’s your interview, not theirs.