Why a Little Repetition Can Be a Good Thing

Do not be afraid of a certain amount of repetition in a media interview, because if you cover a variety of aspects of the topic, there is otherwise a danger that what you think is obviously the most important point could get lost amongst a lot of detailed information.  Just try and find different ways of framing your key points each time –  phrases such as “as I was saying” or “as I’ve already explained” can make this easier.  If you return to these on two or three occasions, the journalist cannot fail to see that these are the issues you feel are most relevant.  If you are talking to a ‘print’ journalist, you want, if possible, the point you most want them to pick up to be the most compelling you make, so it stands out as the obvious ‘quote’ to be used.  If you are on radio or TV, you want it to be the one that sticks in the viewer’s or listener’s mind.  Running the most important point through in your own mind a few times beforehand to sharpen up your language will make a big difference, to ensure you have some powerful and compelling phrases ready, which can then be well worth returning to later in the interview.