Your Eye Line If You Have To Talk Direct to Camera

There are two particular situations when you might have to talk directly into a TV camera – and many people find both pretty uncomfortable. The first is a ‘down-the-line’ interview when you are in a remote studio and have to listen to the questions via an earpiece or small loudspeaker. The second is if you are recording your own video or corporate presentation. Many people find this awkward as the camera just sits there looking at you, and gives you no visual feedback like a person would. So when you look into the lens, try to think of it as a friendly individual you are just chatting to. Don’t stare at it, glassy-eyed and unblinking; the ‘rabbit-in-the-headlights’ look. Instead you should consciously blink a little more often than you usually would – avoiding the other extreme of blinking too often, as this will signal your discomfort. Try as hard as you can to keep looking straight into the camera; if your eyes flicker around, either from left to right or up and down, you will appear shifty to your audience.